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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to take my pedals off the board when I use the case or the bag?

NO!  Our cases and bags are designed to hold the board with your pedals on it.   Also, we include foam with the cases to squish the board and pedals in place,  It would be VERY annoying if you had to take them off every time you moved it.

Can you put the tier on the other side of the board?

YES! With our new bolt system, you can move it anywhere!   We provide pre-drilled holes to move the tier left and right (which 95% of users like), but you can literally move it to ANY location on the board in about 2 minutes with a few easily drilled holes.  Contact us for directions.

Can you make a custom board for me?

YES! We have made thousands!  See our Custom Board Page

Why should I buy a LYT Pedalboard?

Well, we are for sure the lightest board on the market, we are also the lowest to the ground.  Our boards are made in the USA and they are still inexpensive.   Our quality speaks for itself, and we guarantee you will not find a better board for the money.   You will find cheaper... but not better value for money.   The most important thing is that you get a board that works for you.... it may be ours and it may not be... but keep in mind your happiness includes several factors:   Price, quality, and function. Tens of  thousands have come to the LYT,  mostly by referral, and many big names (yes we are namedropping).  See what some have said here.

Is the material strong?

We have never had this board material break after many thousands of boards sold--  NOT EVER.  Even the guys on the "heavier side" (in weight AND in music style) say these boards can continuously take a beating.    LYT boards flex, since we designed it to flex-- (and btw, we could have made them NOT flex if we wanted to) and so do skyscrapers, bridges, and lots of well built things.   You see, these structures are made to flex and that adds to their strength and durability. Our boards feel better under your feet because they have a tiny bit of flex.  Make no mistake about it -- our boards do NOT bend or feel flimsy... as you can see by the many satisfied professionals who use our boards!   

What is the board made of?

As of early 2014, and to make this easy to understand, lets just call it a "polymer" plastic.   We could bore you with the technical description of our "lyter" unique polymer, but suffice it to say it is truly indestructible.   We have a great video running over it with a car.   Our earlier boards were made of a wood composite, but we made the switch after seeing the potential longevity and properties of the new polymer.

Will my Voodoo labs / DC Brick/ Power supply fit under the tier?

Most likely YES! Unless it's HUGELY ENORMOUS it will fit under the tier. We made the tier to fit the most common power bricks/supplies!

Can I drill/cut into the board?

Yes.  You can modify, drill & cut very easily with regular wood/metal blades & bits.    

More Questions?  

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