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The Beauty of Our Boards

Beautiful Things

For over 10 years, LYT Pedalboards has been making the finest pedal boards on earth.   

We still challenge you to find a better pedalboard.   Our design is unparalleled:  Incorporating thin, lightweight materials into a strong unbreakable frame, while keeping design at the forefront and function at its pinnacle.   

It has been our privilege to serve you the best, and now the best is even better!  See for yourself.   

Style & Quality

Our "NEW" boards are virtually indestructible, made from a polymer similar to -but lyter than- ABS.  

The last generation boards were indeed tough, but how about the new LYT boards?....  Well let's just say they will last through a nuclear winter.  (And let's hope that never comes!)

If you look around you'll see our boards on tour with The Band Perry, at the feet of great guitarists such as Vernon Reid, appearing on The Tonight Show along with other nationwide TV venues, and also finding their way into a zillion garages, basements & stages all over the world.  All of this is a testimony to what many have called "the perfect pedalboard"  and which most agree is the lightest, lowest-to-the-ground & strongest board they have ever used.

I have thoroughly enjoyed our interaction thus far - your workmanship is impressive. LYT Pedalboards are durable, strong, incredibly light weight, and are pro grade!
— Vernon Reid , Living Colour

100% Handmade

It may come as a surprise that every LYT Pedal Board is handmade at our facility here in sunny Florida.  

Why do we do it?.... 

Well, the bottom line is that we control the quality.   In this world of fast & cheap "throw away" items, we pride ourselves in checking & re-checking every detail before it goes in the box.   Here is the consistent feedback we get about our boards:

  1. "I opened the box and the board was BETTER than the pictures.  I love it!"
  2. "Best pedal board ever"
  3. "I wish I had found LYT  'xx'  years ago!"

Once again, this is genuine, directly quoted feedback from many of our customers.   

I spent forever trying to find a board that was strong enough for road use, large enough to house all the equipment I need for the show, and light enough to not incur baggage fee’s at the airport. The LYT 32 + Flytcase was the only thing that would do the job. I love the second tier too!”
— Matt Reviere, The Band Perry


One of the first things you will notice when you take the board out of the box is that our boards flex.   Absolutely!   We designed it to flex and it's the exact reason they can withstand such punishment.  Flexible things don't break.   Bridges, skyscrapers, and even the bones in your body share this principal of flexibility that we incorporate into our board design to bring you the most durable and reliable pedal board on the market today.   With our new "indestructible" material, we feel that the board will now last a lifetime.